Cheap Multiple Domain Blog Web Hosting

Our cheap multiple domain blog web hosting allows two or more domains to run under one web hosting package.

There are two popular methods used to accomplish multiple domain web hosting.

Method 1:  Subdomain Method (Add-on Domains)

This method points all HTTP and email traffic from secondary domains to a corresponding subdomain within the primary domain's web space.

This example show hosting setup for 3 domains. Each domain has it's own unique content.

Primary domain = primary.ext
Secondary domain  = secondary.ext
Tertiary domain = tertiary.ext

  • Hosting for primary.ext functions as normal.

  • secondary.ext displays the files located in secondary.primary.ext

    The URL in the web browser remains "http://www.secondary.ext/." This means visitors will never know that the secondary domain is hosting under the primary domain.

  • tertiary.ext displays the files located in tertiary.primary.ext

    The URL in the web browser remains "http://www.tertiary.ext/." This means visitors will never know that the tertiary domain is hosting under the primary domain.

Very cheap way to obtain hosting for all of your domains.

You cannot assign limits to each domain.

Allowing other people to use your web space is not allowed using this method. One irresponsible user could disrupt hosting for all of your domains since they all share the same web space.


Method 2:  Reseller Control Panel Method

Using this method, you may add/edit/delete hosting for domains you own using a provided control panel.

  • You control the allocation of disk space, data transfer, e-mail accounts, MySQL databases, subdomains, and ftp accounts each of your domains receive.

  • Each domain receives its own control panel. This allows webmasters of each domain to control aspects their hosting.

You can setup hosting for your family, friends, or even sell hosting to strangers.

Each domain receives its own control panel and web space.

More expensive than the subdomain method.

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Multiple Domain Hosting

Multiple Domain Web Hosting

Cheap Multiple Domain Blog Web Hosting

Cheapest Multiple Domain Web Hosting


We provide web hosting packages that support multiple domains using the add-on domain method. We also provide custom packages that support multiple domains using the reseller control panel method.



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